Matters of traditional probate jurisdiction have always been core practice areas of Kopman Law.  These areas revolve around
Conservatorship and Guardianship matters (Protective Proceedings) on the one hand, and Probate and Intestacy Administration (Property
Succession) on the other hand.   Kopman Law also assists its clients who are trustees of trusts established by decedents, in all matters of
trust administration.

With his extensive background in accountancy, Mr. Kopman also supervises the preparation of statutory accountings in trust, probate and
protective proceedings.

Kopman Law also prosecutes and defends trust and probate litigation.  Such matters include actions for removal of a fiduciary, trust and will
contests and  petitions for instruction.

The Firm prepares Estate and Gift Tax Returns (Forms 706/709) and Fiduciary income tax returns.

The following is a bullet-point summary of practice in the estates and succession areas.

Protective Proceedings:

  •     Conservatorship
  •     Guardianship

Judicial Administration:

  •     Probate and Intestacy Court Proceedings
  •     Court Supervised Trust Administration

Non-Judicial (Unsupervised) Trust Administration:

  •     General Counsel to Trustee
  •    Requirements of Surviving Spouse-Trustee
  •     Sub-trust funding
  •     Accounting
  •    Distribution
  •    Dispute Resolution

Taxation Matters:

  •     Estate and Gift Tax Return Preparation - Forms 706/709
  •     Fiduciary Income Tax Return Preparation - Form 1041
  •     Preparation of Decedent's Final Income Tax Returns
  •     Unresolved Tax Issues Existing at Decedent's Passing
Probate, Trust Administration & Protective Proceedings
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